Washington Warriors (Redskins Redesign)

A Name Change Is Not A Game Change Washington, D.C. is a city of equality, all aspects of this great city should reflect that characteristic. This was a self-initiated project to rebrand the Washington Redskins with the goal being to achieve not only a more politically correct mascot name, but to also provide DC with a stronger more modern logo and color scheme (holding true to the tradition and nostalgia of the team's brand). Adding enhanced uniform detail with more visually intriguing icons and logo marks for DC's beloved team was a priority. Support the Washington Warriors Name Change Campaign Washington DC has long been a hub of cultural change and political intrigue. It has seen its share of public protests, politically and socially driven. Another protest is beginning to brew with a focus around a racially derogatory pro-sports team name. Tradition and nostalgia aside, modern Americans should stand together in support of what is right. A pro-sports team name, offensive and disparaging against any race or ethnicity, is unacceptable in our country. A special thanks to Nike and artist Rezland of Team Davidson for providing such amazing PSD files of Nike's Pro Combat Football gear.

Home Jersey
Alternate Logo Marks
Away Jersey
Alternate Home Jersey 01
Alternate Away Jersey 01
Alternate Combat Jerseys 02 & 03
All shirts were printed by ooShirts
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