The Early Years
I was born in rural southern Illinois where I lived a majority of my life and looking back, took for granted the calming and incredibly beautiful natural surroundings of that land. My parents lived (and still do) on a 40-acre ranch with our closest neighbors being a mile away. During my childhood, I also lived in Camden, Maine. Even though that was a brief period in my life, many memories and experiences from Camden and the Northeast have stayed with me and influenced me greatly. My mother was an art teacher at the local grade school I attended, my father an avid golfer. With both parents by my side, art & golf quickly became my two first loves. My early background in art helped me acquire a strict attention to detail. This traditional sense of design then evolved and fused with a more urban, fresh, and bold style when I entered college.

College Life
I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA. This was the first time in my life that I could give my desire to design and create, my fullest attention. I began to study design, not only through my college courses but also through experiences outside the classroom in very art influenced metropolitan areas such as Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C., and St. Louis. I was also fortunate enough to travel abroad to Europe and be a student to the European elements of design, which I have been very inspired by ever since. I visited such countries as France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, and Scotland. Taking these experiences from art in so many different cultures and regions back to school helped me advance my work to a much higher level.

Life as a Collegiate Athlete
I was a member of the SCAD Men's golf team. I was a starter on the team for all four years of college. This taught me a very valuable lesson in time management, setting goals, and managing priorities. Hard work and a dedication to my craft and athletic ability helped me become a Scholar All-American as a Junior and Senior (2007-08, 2008-09) and a member of the All-Conference Academic team my sophomore, junior, and senior years (2006-'07, 2007-'08, 2008'-09') for the Southern Sun Conference. I was also recognized on the All-South Region team my senior year (2008-09). My college athletics department awarded me the Strength and Training Male Athlete of the Year for SCAD 2008-09. If you're up for a round, let me know...

I live and work out of Washington, D.C. which has been a welcoming place for me to thrive as a creative individual and call home since 2009. I've been able to pursue many additional passions beyond graphic design thanks to the artistic community that D.C. cultivates. I maintain a small but effective woodworking and furniture design hub out of my home (don't worry, my neighbors haven't complained about noise or saw dust... yet). I continuously explore my creative outlets of photography, making music, and writing, with many travels and cultural experiences to help me more understand humanity and its collective diversities, along with learning more about myself. Artistic expression and self-discovery have come to play very important roles in my life and are two things I embrace whole-heatedly. Natural beauty and the wild places of the world have also become vital in my expression and is often where I turn when in need of inspiration or simply a break from the city life. As a hobby, I've also taken up the sport of Long Drive. After winning a spot into the 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Championship, I now have a top-100 world ranking. For more on this, be sure to check out my website www.thorlongdrive.com

Hopes for the Future
As I continue my career as a Graphic Designer in D.C. I hope to always advance my learning with new techniques and styles. I wish to influence many and contribute something great to society through my design, expression, and creation. I also hope to continue the many good things I have in my life right now. 

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