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Docking System
Command Central | Docking System is a product concept that allows maneuverability between various mobile devices with minimal effort and movement from the user. The docking system uses the strong frame of Apple’s MacBook Pro (or, potentially, universally with any laptop frame).

The harness is placed over the top and sides of the screen frame to ensure a secure fit. Fastening joints are located on the sides and top of the harness for multiple options of device placement.

The docking system with fastening locks is placed on the mobile device (iPhone or iPad) and slid down into the fastening joints of the harness.

Note: This product is not endorsed by Apple, all photos of Apple products are copyright of Apple Inc. Command Central Docking System is copyright of Andrew Herbert
© 2012. Any reproduction of this system or images of this docking system must be attributed to Andrew G. Herbert.
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