The Campaign:
The Washington Redspears™ campaign is a grassroots effort to unofficially and publicly re-brand the Washington Football franchise and add a new layer to their name controversy. We contend that there is nothing wrong with the team's brand, which is why on July 15, 2015, Forbes magazine determined that the brand's valuation at $2.4 Billion dollars. This brand has a tradition that goes back more than 80 years, and is beloved by millions of fans. But with the current controversy the franchise name is viewed much differently now. Because of this fans have to endure protest, mockery and ridicule. This does not have to be.
The Goal:
The goal is to articulate to the fan base, to the people who want the team name changed, and to the people that love the name, to think about this controversy from a branding and marketing perspective. That there is a way to change the name and at the same time, keep the brand's great tradition. This project hope's to create a discussion about this brand, presents a viable alternative to the name and a solution to the controversy. This is The Washington Redspears™ campaign.
The Client:
Travis Jervay Wright, Owner - Shadowfresh Ventures LLC
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